YouTube removes 11 lakh videos in India alone; This is the highest in the world!

YouTube reports deleting 11,75,859 videos from India alone. The reason for that is said to be ...

YouTube is a site for Google videos. Anyone on this site can upload and view videos. At the same time YouTube has come up with some rules to remove spam videos, videos that contain misleading content. Named Community Guidelines, they ensure the safety of creators and viewers on YouTube.

In the name of these terms, YouTube has released a report detailing the videos and channels that were deleted between January and March 2022.

YouTube reports deleting 11,75,859 videos from India alone. This is the highest in the world. Next, 3,58,134 videos were deleted from the United States.

The moderators of Youtube are performing these deletion steps through the automated algorithm and other machine programs.


The report also said that action had been taken against videos of child sexual abuse and extreme violence, which contained so-called Harmful content.

44 lakh channels are disabled worldwide. This includes channels that have been struck three times in 90 days, and channels that have only been struck once by posting misleading content. Videos from these channels have also been deleted altogether.

Surprisingly, 91 percent of deleted videos are found to have violated the rules by the program itself. YouTube deleted 943 million comments. 99.3 per cent of which have been deleted automatically.