How to Ask for The Bill in Italian?

If you are in Italy and when you eat in a restaurant or hotel, you are given a food menu before eating and after eating you are asked to pay the bill. If you don't get the bill you can ask for it. Here we will tell you how to ask for the bill in italian, if you are in italy.

How to Ask for The Bill in Italian

Friends, As you know that language can be expressed in different forms by rotating or reversing. So we can ask for the bill (fattura) in italian in different ways. Here's How to Ask for a Bill in Italian:

Can you bring us the bill, please?Ci porta il conto, per favore?
The bill, pleaseIl conto per favore
Can I have the bill please?Posso avere il conto per favore?

If the waiter gives you the bill automatically, you will not need to ask for the bill.

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